Along with our talented group of Fabricators Mechanics and welders we have state of the art equipment and a rich history with many resources to provide you with the performance you want.

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Clarke Motorsports in 

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​​​​​​​  Paul Clarke,

After leaving the Aircraft Engineering industry in 1994 ,I Started Racing with V8 Supercars in Australia before heading to the USA to build Race chassis, working for top car builders in Nascars top program at the time, Winston Cup. Building and repairing cars for Bill Elliot , Dale Jarrett, Jeff Bodine and others, I began in steel body fabrication hand forming rear quarter panels and front fenders using primarily English wheel forming machine, shrinkers and stretchers and other hand tools with the goal to be Aerodynamic efficient.

After 4 years in Aero body development I then moved into chassis and suspension design, The focus on dynamic movement and load transfer and altering suspension pick up points, Fabricating new system components then Race track testing has given me a complete understanding of dynamic Car control .Leaving Nascar after 12 years to pursue other forms of racing with less commitment schedule, I teamed with, Rhys Milen and Geoff Sykes in Global Rally Cross then Paul Dallenbach at Pikes Peak  Colorado setting a new record for time attack. Always adapting with change and not afraid to consult with current leaders in new fields we are directing our attention to formula Drift and time attack events, but not forgetting the guy on the street who would like to improve his ride. contact us for pro touring performance and restoration vehicles in los angeles. search classic car repair shops Clarke Motorsports in Los Angeles.